A downloadable game for Windows

You are Eria, an elite soldier who's sent to investigate a factory with corrupted robots. Find out what the cause is and stop it.

My very first project. My apologies, if the game looks and plays weird, had to rush the project in order to meet the submission deadline. 

You're able to use a controller, and settings can be accessed by pressing F1.

Also you can also change the screen resolution by pressing F5/F6!

You can change your controls from there!


Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

If you already have VXA, you can ignore this step.

You now require the VXA RTP separately as it now interferes with my own graphics.

(Make sure it's VX ACE!)


Extract and run Project;Valkyrie.exe

If anyone knows a workaround, let me know!


Project;Valkyrie.exe 151 MB

Development log


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This is, how I can say it, a very good experience. With a good story and little tweaking this game could be a very good one and OMG that feeling when you smash the Z button to bash all the enemies in your way is so damn satisfying.

The combat is satisfying as heck and I recommend you use the sword all the way through because it's feels so good to have the enemy infront of you could do nothing as you bash them in their face. Feel pretty bad for them actually. Poor bot.

Thanks for playing! :D

Oh I didnt realise this is the comment on the page not in the jam, I'll paste this comment in the game jam comment if you dont mind. 

One more thing, what platform did you use to develop this game ? VX Ace ? Just curious.

Yup, VX Ace!