Final Update (Hopefully!)

Hey all!

So, I made a terrible mistake before by compiling and compressing the game with the default RTP data which messed up some of the in-game sprites and GUI. Finally fixed.

Fixed some  stuff like walking through some tiles and furniture. 

Updated and modified some existing sprites to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Some gameplay balancing.

Disabled access to menu to prevent the player from saving anywhere.

Sora Star is now a weapon instead of an Item. You can also charge it to deal more damage!

Fixed the last boss' AI! Before he would randomly just stand there and take some beating without retaliating.

A somewhat proper ending, instead of it abruptly going back to the title screen!

Hopefully, this is the last update to the game! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my first game project, and I hope you guys support me in the future! 


Project;Valkyrie.exe 151 MB
Aug 16, 2017

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